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Mineral-Balancing Lime and Dolomite in Tasmania


If your soils have been exposed to acid rain, frequent fertilisation, chemicals or nutrient deprivation, they may be too acidic to support healthy crops. Lime can be the difference between crop success and crop failure.

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A Solution for Plant Growth

With the help of agricultural lime or dolomite — both alkaline materials — you can adjust your soil’s pH to a level that will promote nutrient absorption and plant growth.

A Solution for Animal Health

By integrating calcium and magnesium into your soil, you can reap the benefits of healthy animals as well as healthy plants. These fertilisers can prevent a host of livestock disorders.

Agricultural Lime

Agricultural lime contains a high amount of calcium, which neutralises the soil’s pH levels, stimulates the activity of microorganisms in the soil, increases plant absorption and promotes thriving vegetation. A blend of superfine lime and normal lime is available in different percentages.


In addition to adjusting pH levels in acidic soils, dolomitic lime and magnesium lime also restore mineral balance to magnesium-deficient soils. This creates a healthy ratio of calcium to magnesium.

Superfine Lime

Superfine lime is the ideal particle size, allowing for quicker plant response. A blend of superfine lime and dolomite is available in different percentages.

Supply and Delivery

Beams Bros Pty Ltd can deliver your agricultural lime and dolomite to you all over to the state with our fleet of trucks. Collect ex-works is also available.